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deugirtni's Journal

I am a total homebody and I wish I wasn't! I have three "jobs".
1. Mommy to my lil dude!
2. Part-time ER admissions desk jockey!
3. Trophey wife to my hubby... ha ha! ok, that is totally sugar coating it - like, A LOT!

My beautiful baby boy is definitly the bee's knees! I swore I was never going to have kids, but now that he is here I can't imagine one day without his handsome little quirks! I do want to have more; we are thinking four?!? At least we know we made one cute kid, therefore the rest should be bee-you-tee-full, right?! RIGHT?!?!

I frolic about in Montana. I ♥ MT!

Need to know more? Just ask and maybe I will divulge more info!